Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Next thing on my list

"Wouldn't change the course of fate, if cutting the grass just had to wait,
cause I got more important things, like pushing my kid on a backyard swing
I won't break my back for a million bucks I can't take to my grave, so why put
off for tomorrow what I could get done today.

Like go for a walk, say a little prayer, take a deep breath of mountain air,
put on my glove, and play some catch, it's time that I make time for that
wade the shore, cast a line, look up an old lost friend of mine
sit on the porch, and give my girl a kiss, start living
That's the next thing on my list."

That is the song that comes to mind to describe the last couple days. :) I have so many things I should be doing, like unpacking from the trip (yes I still haven't done that), getting groceries, cleaning house, and running errands... but I have neglected them all. I have loved every extra minute I am getting at home with Easton. :) We bought a bounce house and put that up in the backyard last night (he LOVED it!) and then Kylie spent the night and we went to chuckie cheese today. I'm just having so much fun!
Maybe I will be productive tomorrow...maybe. :)


  1. Easton is so big - and so handsome!!! Kylie is absolutely beautiful! That's a great collage-type thingie. (Words iz hard.)

    Sounds like summer is being good to you - enjoy the heck out of it!

  2. You may be the coolest mom ever buying Easton a bounce house! How fun!


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