Sunday, June 24, 2012


-Everything is good at the Wade house, just wanted to check in. The other night Easton got to eat dinner with his cousin Kylie. :)

-During the day me and Easton have been running some errands or hanging out at the house. Which means he is usually exploring or getting into something he shouldn't...

-Last night we went downtown to eat with Jenn, Ronnie, Rachel, Joe, Jamie and the kids. Jamie is Drake's best friend from college who is here working for the summer. We had a good time at dinner and listening to music. On the ride home we were talking about old college memories. :)

-Today we went to my parent's house to celebrate my dad's 55th birthday. Happy Birthday Pop!

-Here is a video of Easton talking about his daddy. :) I'm trying my best to get him to throw my name in there too, but he's not having it haha
-I have Easton's invitations and location for his first birthday picked out (yes 3 months early) That is totally normal right? Actually, don't tell me if it's not. :)

-Have a great week!!

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