Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm so excited! I'm so sad. :( But I'm SO excited!! But wait...I'm sad. I am packing my suitcase to head to Vegas in the morning with Jenn and Danielle! I am SO excited. I have never been to Vegas, I have never done a girl's trip...and I have never been away from Easton for more than like 20 hours. :( We are going to have a great week, but it sure will be hard leaving this boy in the morning!

I will post tons of pics once we get back! woo hooooo


  1. OOOh - that sounds like so much fun!!! I've been to Vegas twice - once as a weekend getaway with my hubby, and once as a bachelorette party for a friend. Both were awesome (and completely different) experience. Have fun!

  2. You'll have a blast! I've also been to Vegas twice and hope to go again sometime once I'm over my fear of flying. :) Just look at pictures/videos on your phone of your little guy when you need a pick me up, and you'll be back home for real snuggles before you know it!

  3. Have fun! Let me know how you handle it, I will be away from my baby for about a week too and I am trying to prepare myself for it!


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