Sunday, July 1, 2012

Family Beach Day

Today we got to spend the morning/afternoon at the beach with my family. We went in the waves, built sand castles, and just enjoyed the awesome beach :)

Kyle and Rose

Pop and Nanny with their grandkids

I LOVE when he laughs so hard he scrunches his nose :)

sweet Kylie ♥ I can't believe she will be 9 this month!


It has been a great day. Both of the boys are napping...I think I might go join in the fun. xoxo


  1. That picture of him laughing is great. What a special moment to capture.

  2. Good morning! Jumped to your blog from Blawnde's Blawg and wanted to drop a line to say I'm a new follower and I think Easton is absolutely adorable. I love that name and he looks like such a ham from your blog! Beautiful family!


Thanks for commenting :) You are awesome!