Wednesday, July 4, 2012

First July 4th

Today was such a good day. We got up and picked up around the house and got everything ready for my family to come over. We grilled out, played wii Olympics, board games, watched the hot dog eating contest, and played in the bounce house. It was just a nice afternoon with everyone hanging out.

Kyle and Kylie had an intense wrestling match in the bounce house...Kylie won :)

After everyone left we went for a run and then went to our neighbors to watch a couple fireworks. Easton was so cute wearing the big soundproof earmuffs when we did the loud ones. :) It was past his bedtime, so we just watched a couple and walked back home.

I feel like holidays make me realize how fast time truly flies by. I always find myself thinking what I was doing on that particular holiday in years past. Last year we were in Miami on our "babymoon" watching fireworks at the Marlins game. I remember watching them and listening to the music, holding my very pregnant belly, and holding back my (hormonal) tears thinking about the fact that next time I was watching fireworks I would be watching them with Easton...and now here we are. :) I am so thankful for everything around me. It has been a good day. Happy 4th of July!

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  1. I'm so glad you had a wonderful holiday with lots of family. JJ picked up some ear muff things for Chloe at the last minute too and I got some pretty hilarious pictures of her wearing them. I don't think she was impressed, ha!


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