Sunday, July 29, 2012

my boys+the beach

Hey guys! Today we enjoyed some relaxation as a family :) We went to the beach during the late afternoon so that it would not be quite as hot. Easton loved it! He would dive head first in the water if we would let him.

He loved playing in the sand,

sitting on the edge of the water and playing with the shells,

and walking around scoping out the chicks. :)

I can't even stand how cute these two are :) Sitting by the water in their matching board shorts.

Jaime and Anne-Marie came to meet us for a minute to say hey :)

We had a good day! :) I'm about to pack as much fun as I can into these last 2 weeks of summer! yay!

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  1. Last two weeks, that's all that's left??? Where did the summer go? The beach pictures are amazing and those boys are just too cute for words. And just a side note, your man has some major calves! Wow!


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