Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Weekend

This weekend we were on the go a lot and we had so much fun! Saturday we all went to the lake. We always have a good time there. We snag a picnic table in the shade, pack food, take walks on the trail, cool off in the's just an enjoyable place to be. Kylie had everyone jumping off of the boardwalk into the water which was fun, and I feel like we all just act like kids again and forget about life's stresses for a few hours. :)
Especially Easton, he has a lot to stress these days so he really enjoys relaxing in his float ha!
Yesterday afternoon we headed over for a play date with Elle. :) Elle and Easton just hang out and play in the living room so good together while we are there. After the kids ate their dinners, we decided to go to the beach and go on the new observation wheel they have now. :)
(Here is a picture of our beach at night now :) LOVE it!)

Summer and I with the kids waiting in line :)
Here we go! What is this thing??
Elle! Are you seeing this?!
this. is. AWESOME!
It was so nice, we rode while the sun was setting and then walked on the boardwalk to some shops before heading home. We had a good weekend with everyone.

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  1. Haha those last few pictures are great!! And are you kidding me with the beach shot? Unbelievably beautiful!


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