Monday, July 9, 2012

Poor girl :(

Our weekend ended on a rough note...last night about 10:30 I ended up taking Cosmo to the emergency vet. She had been throwing up and we didn't think much about it, we just assumed she had an upset stomach. Well the throwing up continued and then she was throwing up blood. After she started throwing up blood we took the mattress off the bed to look underneath and see what she could have gotten into. (Comso takes all of her toys and anything she is chewing on under our bed) Well mixed into a pile of her toys we see Easton's infant Tylonol bottle chewed up.

I was telling my mom about it and we found out that it can be fatal for dogs, so luckily she was able to go with me to the vet while Drake went to bed and stayed home with Easton. I think I was kind of in denial just thinking that it was infant strength and we had used most of the bottle already, so maybe her body was getting rid of it and she was just really tired from being sick all day. But then when the vet came in and I had to fill our paperwork about if she went into cardiac arrest did I want them to try and resuscitate her or not, I lost it. I felt bad that I didn't bring her in earlier than I did and started thinking worst case scenario.

We waited around and thank God her bloodwork came back with good news...her liver was good, one of her kidneys had some abnormal enzymes, but overall levels showed that she would be ok. They had to keep her to monitor her so me and my mom got back home about 1:30 this morning. Cosmo is currently back at her regular vet on an IV and very weak, but we are hoping she can slowly feel better today and we can get her back home on meds tomorrow. Poor Cosmo girl.


  1. Awwww..poor Cosmo! Hope she feels better and heals quickly!

  2. SOO glad to hear she's doing better, that is always so scary! Just when you think you had one baby all taken care of, the other one goes and gets into something they aren't supposed to have. I hope the vet bill isn't too out of control; when we had to take Izzy a few months back for getting into JJ's BBQ, I couldn't believe how quickly it went up.

  3. Oh no! Poor Cosmo! I'm glad she seems to be recovering okay.


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