Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What day is it?

Hey! Ok, so Issac ended up turning away from us and we didn't even get much rain. The main thing we got was the storm surge and 2 days off of work! :) With it coming and not knowing exactly where it would hit, they have to let students know early enough if schools would be open or closed, so they closed for yesterday and today.

I got some extra play time in with my guys yesterday since Drake's store was closed as well. We also got some laundry done, cleaned, went to the gym, and got groceries. So, back to work tomorrow... I hope I can push myself and make it 2 whole days before our 3 day weekend! :) We are going to Jacksonville to visit Matt and Kathryn. SO excited. Saturday we get to pick up Kylie and we are going to ride horses at Kathryn's house and take her to a rodeo. She is going to love it. Not to mention Easton gets to meet Bayleigh and Blake. It's going to be a fun time! Good night. xoxo

Sunday, August 26, 2012

sagging and shutters

Today we went downtown for a bit and Easton played in the water, he loves it...but not as much as he loved chasing the birds! He walked around in the grass after the birds forever. :) Yes, he was that kid with a saggy white trash diaper. He can look cute in anything. ♥

Then we headed home to prepare for Issac. Just because you are cute, doesn't mean you get out of putting up the hurricane shutters :) Today it looks like it is headed more to the west of us, but mother nature is unpredictable so better to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

I had a great weekend with D&E.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

oodles of fun

Today was SO much fun! We headed to Destin for the day and packed a ton of activities into our afternoon. We started with the build a bear workshop. I thought it would be a fun tradition for Easton to make a bear each year around his birthday...well at least these first few birthdays, until he is too cool for it. :) We walked around and he scoped out his options.

Once he saw the one he wanted, he pointed it out :)

He loved it!

It's official ladies and gentlemen...he is not a baby anymore. :(

Then it was time to stuff the bear, so Easton pushed the petal to start the machine.

And of course had to pick a heart for his bear ♥

Success! We added the little voice box thing inside and recorded Easton laughing and babbling on it.

Then we walked down and cooled off in the water. Ahhh

Easton was trying so hard to make it to the water before it went back down.


After we got Easton dried off and cleaned up, we went to look at the fish...

I think he would have stood there all afternoon if we would have let him. :)

THEN, we stopped by The Track for some arcade games and rides. We played the Wheel of Fortune game and Easton won 200 tickets with the spin he did.

Riding the carousel

and the train...

I'm not sure who had more fun.

Walking around the harbor walk...

Finally, we ate dinner before heading home. We met up with one of Drake's high school buddies and his family.

Such a wonderful day! ♥

Thursday, August 23, 2012

sun and rain

Today after work we enjoyed some time in the sun :) We played in the yard and then when daddy got home we went to the park. :) Easton was loving the slide today.

Glad we enjoyed the sun, because looks like we might not see it in a couple days. Crap.

Monday, August 20, 2012

100 percent boy

Checking out the ladies...

Streaking through the house :)

Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

So proud

Yesterday Drake competed in the Emerald Coast Power Expo, in the men's physique competition. There are 5 levels of shows (5 being a pro show) and this was a level 4. He has busted his butt for months now, going to the gym and having nothing but protein shakes, chicken, broccoli, cucumbers. eww

On stage :) I was so nervous for him...he wasn't nervous at all of course.

going through all the posing...

There was a morning show and a night show. The morning is for the judges to make their decisions and the night show is to come back on and then they announce the results. During the morning show they move people around and they kept moving him to the center, which we heard was a good sign.

At the night show all of our friends and my family came to support Drake. They did their poses, I was the stage mom with my video camera. He won 1st place!!! When they announced him as the winner, we all went crazy. :)

Drake with his trophy and our friends that made the drive to support him.

Afterwards we all went to Olive Garden and Drake tore up some soda and carbs :) Of course he is now talking about competing in April in a level 5 show they have here and trying to get his pro card :)

Friday, August 17, 2012


Oh hey. So, can you tell I am back to work? All week without a post. :) I've been very busy getting ready for the kids to come back Monday. Ready or not...I just wanted to hop on and put the rest of our pictures from the shoot real quick. Drake is in Ft. Walton already, he had to check in and weigh in tonight, I can't wait to go watch him in his first competition tomorrow! Have a good weekend. xoxo

so guess who told Drake to take his shirt mother! :)


this kid loves his nanny

Our gift from God ♥