Friday, August 10, 2012

11 months

Oh my goodness, 11 months! You are continuing to grow, learn, and amaze me everyday. This month of your life you were constantly in the sun and water. :) The beach, pool, birthday parties...we've had fun! Your personality is awesome. You are so silly and will crack up with your mouth wide open and are just all over the place exploring, but you will also make time to cuddle up with me and lay your head on my chest and give kisses. Love it!

You love to play peek a boo and it is SO cute because we will cover you with a little blanket and ask "where's Easton?" and you will pull it off with a huge grin...and then you will look down and pull the blanket back up with just one hand to where you are only covering your ear and you think you are hiding and then pull it back down. :) One day I was hiding my head under the blanket and daddy asked, "Where's mommy?" and you came over and lifted up my t-shirt sleeve and looked in my sleeve for me :)

You took your first steps this month! That was SO exciting for your daddy and I. We were both home to watch them together. You clap, point, and give high fives. :) You love anything that is loud on the wood floors and like chasing around your bouncy balls. You are still around 30'' but now weigh 24.5 lbs. You have 8 teeth and are wearing 12, 18, and 24 month clothes.

I am getting sad to go back to work Monday and be away from you during the days again. :( But I'm pretty sure you don't mind at all, you LOVE your nanny! If she's around, you could care less about me and daddy. :) I love you SO much buddy!

Love, mom


  1. One more month and he will be a year old! It's so fun to watch their personalities develop and have them interact and play with us more too.

  2. He is one handsome little man!!

    Time is FLYING!! Boohiss to going back to work on Monday - damn, that summer went fast!


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