Sunday, August 19, 2012

So proud

Yesterday Drake competed in the Emerald Coast Power Expo, in the men's physique competition. There are 5 levels of shows (5 being a pro show) and this was a level 4. He has busted his butt for months now, going to the gym and having nothing but protein shakes, chicken, broccoli, cucumbers. eww

On stage :) I was so nervous for him...he wasn't nervous at all of course.

going through all the posing...

There was a morning show and a night show. The morning is for the judges to make their decisions and the night show is to come back on and then they announce the results. During the morning show they move people around and they kept moving him to the center, which we heard was a good sign.

At the night show all of our friends and my family came to support Drake. They did their poses, I was the stage mom with my video camera. He won 1st place!!! When they announced him as the winner, we all went crazy. :)

Drake with his trophy and our friends that made the drive to support him.

Afterwards we all went to Olive Garden and Drake tore up some soda and carbs :) Of course he is now talking about competing in April in a level 5 show they have here and trying to get his pro card :)


  1. That's amazing! Great job Drake!

  2. How exciting for you guys! Hard work really does pay off. Congrats!

  3. That's awesome!! You've got quite the hottie hubby! Goes perfectly with his hottie wife! ;)


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