Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What day is it?

Hey! Ok, so Issac ended up turning away from us and we didn't even get much rain. The main thing we got was the storm surge and 2 days off of work! :) With it coming and not knowing exactly where it would hit, they have to let students know early enough if schools would be open or closed, so they closed for yesterday and today.

I got some extra play time in with my guys yesterday since Drake's store was closed as well. We also got some laundry done, cleaned, went to the gym, and got groceries. So, back to work tomorrow... I hope I can push myself and make it 2 whole days before our 3 day weekend! :) We are going to Jacksonville to visit Matt and Kathryn. SO excited. Saturday we get to pick up Kylie and we are going to ride horses at Kathryn's house and take her to a rodeo. She is going to love it. Not to mention Easton gets to meet Bayleigh and Blake. It's going to be a fun time! Good night. xoxo


  1. So glad the storm didn't hit you guys. 2 days off of work is WONDERFUL! The week is almost over, you can make it!

  2. I didn't realize school lets out for that, but I guess that totally makes sense. Win win for you - days off with your boys AND no storm to deal with!

  3. Cannot wait to see y'all!! Just to let you know, our kids are now those saggy trash diaper babies since we've moved here. Lol Easton is going to fit right in. Hahaha see you tomorrow!!!


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