Friday, August 17, 2012


Oh hey. So, can you tell I am back to work? All week without a post. :) I've been very busy getting ready for the kids to come back Monday. Ready or not...I just wanted to hop on and put the rest of our pictures from the shoot real quick. Drake is in Ft. Walton already, he had to check in and weigh in tonight, I can't wait to go watch him in his first competition tomorrow! Have a good weekend. xoxo

so guess who told Drake to take his shirt mother! :)


this kid loves his nanny

Our gift from God ♥


  1. Perfect, beautiful, stunning, and everything in between! Good luck to your hubby this weekend, I'm sure he will knock em dead!

  2. Wow those are fantastic! I am not sure which one to comment on because I really like them all! But the one of him giggling while you kiss him is pretty adorable adn I love the last one too!

  3. Every week I am so jealous of your amazing family photos. Love them!


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