Thursday, August 9, 2012

work and play

Today I went up to work for a while and met with my TV Production kids. I wanted to get the new group together before the craziness of school starts and do some icebreakers and work on some things. I am so excited about the year coming up, I feel motivated and really want to do a good job. Last year was my first year with the program, but...well...I was there a month before being on maternity leave. Then once I went back, I was on no sleep and just trying to adjust to my new life as a working mom. You get the picture. Me trying to keep my head above water. This year is a group that I hand picked with interviews, teacher recommendations, etc. It's going to be good :) Here they are doing the human knot icebreaker...

Then we went to the studio and did some work and showed the rookies what we do.

Once I got home Easton napped and then it was time to go watch Kylie do her last lesson with her horse. :( She heads back to Jacksonville for school Saturday. She loves riding, and she does such a good job. So much confidence while she is out there.

And totally off subject, but while we were there I got a picture from my friend James who does welding and he made me this for Easton's room. :) Out of scrap rocking baby ♥

It was a busy, good day.

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  1. Wow that art piece is amazing! Sounds like you are getting back into the swing of things before school starts!


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