Monday, September 24, 2012

checking in

Hey! It has been too long since I've been on here...hmmm what have we been up to? Work as usual, the grocery store, the beach, I busted out my fall decorations, Easton moved up to facing forward in a big boy car seat :) sweet frog yogurt, running with Carissa (we are officially signed up for a half marathon in November!) and this weekend I had a couple shoots, so since yesterdays was downtown we went early and played for a while. 

I took pictures for this sweet girl...oh how do I know her? I used to babysit her! :( I officially feel old now. haha
Well, just wanted to hop on real quick and say hey, we are headed to do a family walk, Easton LOVES cruising around in his wagon. Have a great week!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Couldn't be better

This weekend has been great! Friday I took off early and we went to the airport to pick up Drake's mom and step dad. They were able to come down for Easton's party. We picked them up and they couldn't believe how big Easton had gotten since the last time they saw him. We went to the pier and grabbed some lunch before coming home and getting ready for Gallery Night. I'm glad Gallery night fell on the weekend they came, it is a nice time...walking around downtown with the streets blocked off, music playing, shops open, and enjoying the comfortable weather. It was a nice night.

Once Saturday was here, it was coming and going all morning to get everything ready for Easton's first birthday party! :) It went perfect, and most importantly, he had fun :) Sorry in advance for the 4,000 pictures to scroll through.

The table coming in, sign in and grab a stache. :)

The cute little garden area, it was hot...but not bad in the shade, and then felt awesome as the party went on and the sun started to set.

Props for photo booth fun

fans to keep cool! haha

Easton's month by month pictures. So bittersweet.

weeeee! Getting the party started.

Easton with his nanny and babcia.

Easton's great grandma and nanny :) Snack time!

I don't always surf the internet but when I do, eyebrows. ha!

Kyle and Rose

Pop and Nanny

my sweet birthday boy ♥

opening gifts from uncle Kyle

me and my boys

Paint your own frame. (To put your party picture in)

The Griffin Family

bounce house!

Pop and Easton. (In case you are wondering, my dad is wearing headphones so he could listen to football in one ear. Geez. We were laughing about how he looked like the security for the party)

mustache cupcakes!

Viv with her Easton fan haha

Just a bunch of dudes hanging out using glitter pens :)

Time for cake! He was not a fan at first

Hmmm let me give it another try


Opening presents

he loves blowing the horn on this toy

something was obviously amazing at this moment :)

The Otts

The Lynch Family

Easton and his pals

The Orehosky crew

Justin, Tristan, and Carissa

It was such a great day with friends and family around to celebrate Easton.

Finally to wrap up our weekend, this morning we went to the beach and relaxed after a busy couple of days. We came home, napped, ordered pizza and watched football. :)

Such a fun weekend. :)