Monday, September 3, 2012


We headed out Friday after work to stay with Matt and Kathryn for the weekend. It was a quick visit, but a lot of fun. They live in "the sticks" as she calls it. :) I felt like I could have been in a country music video on Saturday. Horses, dirt roads, and kids playing in the dirt with diapers on. We picked Kylie up and got to spend the day with her, she is going to start doing her horse riding lessons with Kathryn now that she is there for the school year.

Getting ready to go riding

The 2 sweetest kids ever! Love them SO much!


Easton got to ride on a horse for the 1st time.

He was loving it. :)

Kylie rode, and rode, and rode. :) Even when she stopped to take a break she would ask to confirm that she would get to ride again.

She "loped" for the first time, having Leo run faster than the normal trotting speed she was used to and learned how to make him walk backwards. She was beaming when she got off and was excited to call my her daddy, pop, and nanny to tell them she did it.

That night before taking her back we took her to the local rodeo they had going on. I'm so glad I got to spend the day with her!

Yesterday we had a family day at the zoo. Blake and Easton ready to go!


looking at the stingrays with daddy

matching toms :)


Easton's favorite part of the zoo had absolutely nothing to do with the animals, and I don't blame him, it was HOT!

He literally walked back and forth under this one waterfall 400 times.

After cooling off and snow cones, it was off to the butterfly house

and then we finished with a train ride back to the front before heading back. They were pooped, but still cute! :)
We got showered, packed up and drove home last night. Happy Labor Day weekend!


  1. Had so much fun with you guys. Can't wait to do it again!! Tanks for coming!!!

  2. I think his looks have changed in the last few weeks, especially in that last picture - he is so freaking adorable! How fun that he got to ride on a horse! Glad you had a great long weekend!


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