Monday, September 10, 2012


Letters from mom and dad:

My sweet baby boy,
I cannot believe I am writing to you for your first birthday?! How on earth has it been 1 year? 1 year since your daddy held my hand and eased my fears of labor by reminding me we would meet you in a matter of minutes. 1 year since they wheeled me past the nursery to look at you and I was in shock that I had something to do with this amazing miracle. 1 year since I got to touch, kiss, and hold you for the first time...moments I had been dreaming of for so long. 1 year.
I imagine that this feeling I have deep in my chest as I write this to you is one that I will experience over and over again throughout your life. My heart will always hurt loving you. You won't understand what I mean until you have children of your own. The feeling is so indescribable. I never knew I could love something so much, and my love grows more and more for you everyday that we spend together.
This has been the best year of my life because of the memories you brought to it. I freak out at the thought of you growing up so fast, but at the same time it is so amazing to watch you learn and become a little boy. When I take pictures at weddings now and it is time for the mother-son dance, I have a hard time holding back tears behind my lens. I know it seems silly, but I can't help but think about me and you out there one day. Wondering who God has created to be your wife and what kind of man you will become. I know it is so far away, but I also know that the time to get from here to there will fly by.
You have made me a better person. Before I had you I would stress so much (ok I still stress some) but not over the silly little things anymore. When I get worried or think something is the end of the world, you put things in perspective for me. Whatever is wrong really doesn't matter in the scheme of things. You are what matters, your daddy is what matters...Our little family. ♥
This month has been a fun one. Now that you are walking, you are on the go all the time. Your favorite thing to do is to be outside, you really love to chase the birds at the pier. Your daddy and I love watching you so carefree and happy. I hope you will stay that way as you get older. Even with all of the negativity around you in this world, you are such a bright spot that God has blessed everyone with to brighten the day.
You are currently on a great schedule and are about the same height as last month, about 31'' I believe. You weigh 25 lbs and are wearing 18-24 month clothes. You love being outside and playing with your bouncy balls the most. Kicking, throwing, or just watching them go everywhere on the wood floor. You wave, give kisses, point out what you want, say a handful of words, and you love pointing out the fan and your belly button, and you will sign "please"
I'm so excited to see what this next year of your life holds for us. I hope you will look back one day and be thankful and proud of the way you were brought up. I know I will make plenty of mistakes along the way, but you will never doubt how much you are loved. Happy Birthday sweet baby. I love you.
Love, Mom

To my little big guy,
From the first moment I saw your face I knew I would do anything for you. It is so hard to believe it's already been a year since your mom and I received the biggest blessing of our lives. The joy in which you have brought to us has been immeasurable. I have enjoyed watching your grow and learn new things. I can still remember the way you used to look at us as a newborn or the first time you rolled over or when you started "army crawling", then went to crawling on your knees. The biggest milestone for me was when you took your first steps. Your mom and I were so proud and the excitement on your face was priceless. You love water. We have taken you to the beach several times and you love to sit by the shoreline while the waves crash in and hit your legs. No matter how difficult life can be, I know when I get home you will come over wanting me to pick you up. I can't put into words the joy that makes me feel. I just want you to know son that whatever you do in life, do it to your full potential. You are going to do great things. I love you more than life itself, buddy.

Love, dad


  1. Beautifully written...of course I'm boo hooing like a little you all so much and yes Easton, you are truly a little miracle just like your mommy was...I pray God will bless you abundantly every day!!! Happy Birthday my precious little angel!!! I Love You!!! Nanny

  2. Happy 1st Birthday Easton!

    Your message brought so many tears to my eyes, I kept swatting them away.
    You are truly blessed!

  3. I seriously can't get over that Easton is year old!! He is such a sweetheart and he's growing too quickly! Happy Birthday Easton!

  4. Oh goodness...awesome post, just awesome. I LOVE his 1 yr picture, and it's so fun to see the progression over the months! I kind of wish we had put Stella in different outfits now for her monthly pictures. *sigh* Live and learn. I cannot believe it's been a year already - congrats and happy birthday to Easton!!

  5. So beautiful. Think back to all those months of heartache and what joy you have in your lives now. I wouldn't want that path for anyone, but I'm SO glad you were able to share such a special day with your family of three. I know you love that little boy more than life itself, and he sure seems to adore you too.


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