Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our weekend

Our weekend was busy and fun. Friday night we went to the first football game of the season. Easton did so good, up way past his bedtime and just hanging out. When I passed by the student section some of my students spotted us and came down to see Easton. He is such a flirt and had all the girl's attention. :) Before we left we grabbed a picture with the Panther.

Last night "the gang" went to Trey and Danielle's to hang out and eat dinner. It was chaotic fun. :) I just had to laugh at the craziness...Kaylee got stung by a wasp, Dean fell in the rocks, Jonah attempted to ride the car that was at the top of the slide, dogs barking, Ronnie yelling over all the noise to Jenn in the kitchen. :) haha I love my friends and our get togethers!

Last night a front came through and it was GORGEOUS today! It felt like fall. I am hoping it feels this good next weekend for Easton's party. We spent the day celebrating Easton's birthday as a family since tomorrow we will be at work. We of course took him to the pier. He loves those dang birds.

Ok maybe I enjoy it too. :)

After we got lunch at a sub shop, we headed home and took a nap. Once Easton was up and at 'em again, we went to Pop and Nanny's house. Easton decided to play a quick 9 before the sun went down.

Putting for birdie.

After dinner we let him have a cupcake...a little practice before he does his smash cake at his party.

And we finished the weekend with my dorky tradition I want to do :)

This night one year ago I started having contractions before heading into the hospital a couple hours later. Crazy. Lots to do this week before the party and Drake's mom and Jeff get in town! Good night. xoxo

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  1. Happy happy birthday to Easton!! I can't believe he is a year old! That means I have a 13 month old, how is that even possible? Enjoy this week party planning and the final bash this weekend!


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