Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thought Vomit Thursday

-Happy Thursday! It's been forever since I've done a Thought Vomit Thursday. Speaking of vomit, Easton had a pretty big throw up the other night when he choked on a piece of his food. If you know me, you know normally I would have a panic attack at the thought of throw up BUT it really is true about it being different with your child. I jumped right in and took care of Easton while getting throw up all over both of us. He choked because he had too much food in his mouth, he shovels it in, because let me tell you, I am a little crazy when it comes to cutting his food because I worry about him choking...they are the tiniest pieces known to man. Well, looks like that one worked out well. :)

-I am loving this school year so far! Love my new TV Production kids, first home football game is tomorrow night, pep rally, fall weather is so close I can taste it. (hopefully)

-Easton turns 1 Monday?! Geez la weez. We will be having a fun filled family day Sunday with him, and then his party is next Saturday. I am so excited! I hope it goes well...1st timer here with the party planning stuff.

-Drake is getting another tattoo right now. :) He is turning his 1/2 sleeve into a full sleeve. He was so excited about going to get it started.

-That's all for now...I'm going to go cuddle with the sweetest baby ever ♥

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