Friday, October 12, 2012

Red bull and running around

It has been a fun but very busy week at work. Yesterday I took my TV Production kids to the Florida Scholastic Press Association district 1 workshop so that we can go to state in April and compete. This is our schools first time ever going and I was excited to take them.

While we were there all of the advisors go and have a meeting and while we were in it, they chose me as the district's Journalism teacher of the year! :) I was so excited.
It was a great day outside of the normal school day with my kids...once we finished we high tailed it back to school for our pep rally and other homecoming activities. So today we only had to work half a day but I am off to go shoot a wedding all afternoon/evening. Busy busy! But tomorrow starts an awesome weekend! xoxo


  1. Congrats lala!! You are awesome and your job is so rewarding and meaningful to this world!!!

  2. How awesome! Sounds like a great time for you & the kids. LOVE those pink w/ leopard shirts. TWO of my most favorite things!!!


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