Sunday, October 14, 2012

sore feet

Hey guys! This weekend was very busy...Friday I photographed that wedding all evening and night which is very tiring but I pushed through knowing the rest of my weekend would be fun. :) Saturday morning I was up and on the go to help with Rachel's baby shower. Baby Grace will be here any day now! It's crazy to think about when our gang started hanging out that Kaylee was the only kid in the group. Now a few years later, we will soon have 7 kids at our hang outs. Crazy. The shower went well and I know we are all excited to meet Grace soon!
After I left the shower I went and got Easton. (My parents kept him while I was gone since Drake had to work another stinkin Saturday) We hung out for the afternoon, riding in his wagon down to the park and playing around the house. He cracks me up! One of his new things is doing his chores around the house. haha He picks up after himself and he also throws his diaper away in the genie after we change him. :) We will change him and get his diaper wrapped up and hand it to him, telling him to put it in the garbage. He takes off down the hallway to his room and straight to the genie to throw it away.
Last night I went downtown with Meghan and Heather. Meghan and her husband leave Wednesday to move to England, so we all hung out one more time. We ate dinner at global grill and stopped by World of Beer and Seville before calling it a night. It was a fun time!
Today was our family day ♥ We took Easton in town to the park and played on the soccer fields and let Easton swing for a while. Check out these skills :)
Love this sweet face.

Since we were in town, Uncle Kyle came over to see us too! Easton was showing him his sweet moves. (Kathryn-he worked on his fake kicks too :))

Finally after that I met up with Carissa and we did our run for today. We are still working towards our half marathon on November 11th. We ran and then treated ourselves to smoothie king after. A smoothie has never tasted so good. :) So, after being on my feet working Friday, in heels dancing Saturday, and running 7 miles feet want to fall off. :) I hope you all had a good weekend! Time for another work week. Womp womp womp


  1. You had a busy weekend. I love Easton's soccer moves, he is so talented!

  2. My goodness he is getting so big!!! Love that he's doing his own chores. :)

    Great header pic of you two!

  3. Sign that boy up for soccer! Glad you had such a good weekend filled with family and friends.

  4. Haha classic!! He'll be a natural for sure since he has your genes. Lol


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