Monday, October 1, 2012

Under the weather

Hey! Last week Easton had his 1 year shots and has not been feeling the best since. Fever for a few days, a huge knot on his leg where one of the shots was given, and just not himself overall. Poor guy. The weekend was rainy and yucky, so we spent a lot of time inside hanging out together :) Saturday we just vegged out most of the day, laying in bed all together, and playing around the house. ♥

Sunday we went out and about in between the rain and just went up the road to the shopping center. Easton liked walking around and looking at the pets in the pet store. (He also loves walking through automatic doors, over and over :)) 
Last night we all went to the Otts house and the kids got to play and we just hung out and ordered pizza.
My sweet baby ♥
Today it was back to the grind and after another rough morning of not feeling well, Easton took a really good nap and seemed to feel a little better overall this afternoon. I picked him up and we went and got groceries before daddy got off of work. He is getting so big!
I hope everyone has a good week, hopefully now that the rain came through we will get some nice fall weather! I cannot believe it is October!


  1. So glad Easton is feeling better. I'm glad for the protection from vaccines, but sometimes the side effects just plain suck. How does Easton like his shoes? We bought a few pairs of Stride Rites from Totsy and I haven't put them on Aiden yet, but I hope he can continue to walk ok and won't pull them off! :-)

  2. Sorry to hear he wasn't feeling well, I wonder why his leg swelled up like that? Talk about cooler weather, the high here in a few days is in the 50s!!


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