Saturday, November 3, 2012

Friday Night Lights

It's the weekend! Last night we went up to the football game...Easton sat in my mom's lap almost the whole first half of  the game, just staring with drool rolling down his chin and just taking it all in. :) Then after a little while we went down on the end of the field and he was able to run around the grass area for a bit. 
 We won districts! It was a good game and we had fun. Easton even got to see some of his girlfriends. :)
Today daddy is at work again. Boo Saturday workdays! So me and Easton went and got smoothies and went shopping this morning before he crashed early for his nap. As soon as he wakes up we are headed to watch the girl's soccer game up the road. He LOVES being outside and it is pretty today so it should be fun. Then tonight it's off to my parent's house for food and football!! :) Happy Saturday!

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