Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat

Yesterday was fun with my guys. We got off work and got our big man ready for Halloween. He was Charlie Brown :)
 Ready to go! 
 We stopped by Pop and Nanny's house to get some practice
 Knock Knock!
 He could care less about the candy, he just wanted to put lava rocks in his bag :)
 Then we went to the Lynch house for the kid party :) Trey's parents have us there each year and cook for us and have a cute setup for the kids. It is so nice of them!
 Group shot! :)
 riding around the hood in style...
 Chasing daddy in between houses 
Overall Easton had a good time...he just wanted to go up and down stairs at the houses all night. And if they had a step up into the house, he was trying to go in. haha Love that boy!


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