Monday, December 31, 2012

A look back

I love doing my cheesy little end of the year re-cap. Feel free to skip on past it, but I love going back through the millions of pictures through the year and remembering the good times that have happened. 2012 was a great year...our first full year with Easton in our lives and tons of new and exciting memories were made. I am excited for 2013! But before we jump into the new's a look back at 2012 in my world...

In January:
We made beach trips,
cuddled in bed, 
watched flag football,
and enjoyed time with our best friends.

In February:
We hung out at coffee shops, 
 went on dates,
 went zip lining,
 had play dates,
 Easton had his 1st trip to the zoo,
 and went roller skating in 80's attire. haha

In March:
Spring weather rolled in which meant lots of beach and play time outside!
 We listened to music in the park,
 watched hockey,
 went to gallery night,
 Easton had his 1st Easter,
 and we went to the park (a lot)
In April:
We celebrated our anniversary at the beach, 
 went to birthday parties,
 went downtown,
 and played some golf.
In May:
I ran in my first mud run,
 we ate craw fish,
 went up in a hot air balloon,
 and spent days at the lake with family. ♥
In June:
It was summer break! We headed to Virginia for Kyle and Melissa's wedding and spent the week with Drake's family.
 Easton had his first haircut,
 played at Chuck-E-Cheese,
 and we played in the rain :)

In July:
I went to Vegas with my girls!

 we rode the observation wheel at the beach,
 I had lots of one on one time with my boy :)
and we played in the bounce house.
In August:
Drake placed 1st in the maxfit physique competition! 

so awesome! (and hot!)
 went to Destin and Easton went to build a bear,
 enjoyed family time,
 and went fishing.

In September:
Easton had his 1st birthday party! :)
chased birds, 
 and went to Jacksonville for a quick weekend trip.

In October:
We went to football games,
 watched the sunset at the beach,
had too much fun at Ottstoberfest, 
 played soccer,
 went to the corn maze,
and watched the cutest Charlie Brown trick or treat. 

In November:
I ran a half marathon, 
 we played tennis,
 went shopping,
 and enjoyed Thanksgiving at my parents.
In December:
We ate hibachi, 
 attended a handful of Christmas parades,
had a Christmas party for my TV kids, 
went to Danielle's redneck party, 
 had a great Christmas,
 and caught up with Drake's family.

It has been a wonderful year! 
Twenty thirteen. Here we come! :)

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