Monday, December 10, 2012

blonde babies

We get asked all the time where Easton's blonde hair came from. 
Please refer to exhibit A:
 as well as exhibit B: 
Happy Monday! :)


  1. Cute!!! Look at all that blonde!

  2. Wonder if it will stay blond or change to darker like his daddy! I was born with JET black hair and now it's naturally a light brown color (I still highlight). Do you die yours or is it naturally that dark brown? I'd LOVE to be ballsy enough to dye mine your color! Looks so elegant!

  3. Ok lady.. tagged you in my post today!! :)

  4. Found/following you via Sarah, over at Our Journey. Your little man is ADORABLE!
    Our little munchkin has a full head of blonde hair. Both my mister and I were little toe heads when we were young. I'd love for my big guy to keep his light locks, but I'm guessing it will grow darker as he gets older.
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