Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hellooo December!

Happy December! :) I can't believe it's time for Christmas festivities already. Today was the annual local parade that comes right behind our house. So Easton woke up from his nap and we walked straight outside and got ready for the parade. 
 Patiently waiting with daddy...
 I think I hear sirens coming...
 checking everything out and not sure what to think at first. 
 Then he was thrown a ball and he decided this parade stuff was pretty cool :)

 Picking up the beads off the ground
 and putting them with the rest of his stuff in his wagon :)
 Not too shabby :) We had a good day. After the parade we went to my parent's to watch football. It was a good Saturday! LOVE the weekends!!

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  1. I love the stash of goodies he got! What a fun weekend!


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