Sunday, December 16, 2012

Road Trip and Rednecks

Hey guys! This weekend went by extra fast, but I am excited to knock out 1 1/2 days of work and be on break with Drake and Easton!! We were talking today about all of the things we want to do together :) We will have 2 whole weeks with the 3 of us paling around. Woo hoo!

This weekend was a good one. I left Friday at work to go to Baton Rouge with the soccer team. I stopped coaching once Easton was born because I did not want to spend a whole season away from him. But I was asked to go this weekend to help out and was excited to go spend some time with my girls :) The current seniors were sophomores on my team when I coached and I have gotten really close with them over the past few years. I coached them, have some of them in my Production class, and they babysit Easton for me. During the games I enjoyed taking some pictures for them...
Besides the games we walked around LSU (it was neat to show the girls where I lived and where I had class when I was there) the state capital, and had some good food including a stop at Cracker Barrel...
Yesterday when we got back I went straight home and got ready for Danielle's redneck birthday party. I had so much fun with Drake and my best friends :)

 Of course Joe rolled up to the party driving a tractor! Hilarious. 
 Today we went and played at the soccer fields, went to the mall, wrapped some presents, and did some cleaning. We are having an MTV Christmas Party over here tomorrow evening for dinner and dirty Santa, so  I am getting things ready to have 17 teenagers hanging out at our house. :)

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