Monday, December 24, 2012

So much fun

Happy Christmas Eve! This weekend was fun. Saturday night Heather and I went to dinner and then out for a little bit after. We always have fun with our girl nights. :)
Yesterday we went in town to spend the afternoon at NAS.
We first stopped by to see PaPa. I miss him so much. :( After I took Easton's picture he walked right over to the HUGE hill that is right beside where my grandpa is. I was standing there with tears in my eyes thinking about my grandpa and I couldn't help but smile at the fact that out of the thousands of spots at the cemetery,  that PaPa is right next to the one big hill out of the acres and acres of land. Maybe it is so that when we go visit he can watch one of his great grandchildren go up and down that hill while laughing and he can watch and smile. :)
After we left the cemetery, we went up the road to the museum. Easton was obsessed with this light :)
SO much exploring to be done!
Anytime we go to NAS, we invite my student Patrick. He loves it so much.
He took Drake on the simulator with him and they flipped and rolled around like crazy. Drake was pretty green when he got out. haha
Maverick and Goose
Walking around  the old school streets. Easton scored a free cookie from the little old lady working. :)
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! We are headed to my parent's house this evening for dinner and presents. So excited!!

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  1. You look SO much like your mom in that second picture, and that is a compliment! That place looks like a blast too, wist we had a place like that.


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