Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thought Vomit Thursday

*Happy Thursday! It's been busy around these parts lately. Lots of Christmas photo shoots for families, working out, Christmas shopping, pedicures, oh and watching the Victoria's secret fashion show of course...
 *Random thing I love-Listening to Drake talk to Easton through the monitor when he doesn't realize I can hear him :) So sweet
 Hanging with Pop
 *Can you guess which one of my kid's is guilty of this? haha Drake is harder to handle than Easton some days :)
* So over the Christmas break Drake's dad, Kim, Zach, Cayxie, and Cayxie's boyfriend are coming to visit and then Drake's mom will be coming to visit after that. Easton is going to get a lot of loving over the break!

 *Ready, Set, GO! Easton loves racing all the time. His little run cracks me up. 
*So, 2013 is already looking awesome! :) Drake got a new job offer and we are SO excited!!! He starts January 2nd and the new company that he is working for matched what he was making BUT he will be working about half the hours! yayyyy His new schedule will be M-F 7-4. I can't tell you how excited we are about this. We will have so much more time as a family and every weekend together. As if this wasn't exciting enough, Drake gave his 2 weeks notice today and one of the guys from corporate came over and said thanks for the great job he had done, gave him his check for the remainder of December, his leave payout, and told him to have a good Christmas...yep, he's done working until Jan 2nd and they paid him for the remainder of the month. Awesome stuff!

* 19 days until Christmas!! 


  1. What wonderful news about Drake's new (and old) job!! I always feel for you during the busy seasons when you say how much he works, and now a M-F 7-4 schedule sounds perfect!

  2. Yay for Drake's new job! Is he loving all of this extra time off? :-) Easton is getting bigger and bigger every time I see pictures, what a cutie!

  3. yayyy, seems like you are having a great December so far, and its not even half way over yet!! Miss you and seeing the little man!

  4. Congrats, good for you! My husband and I worked retail before Avery and it was awful then, I can't imagine it with a child. I am sure Easton will love it!!!!!!

  5. That is AWESOME news about Drake's job!!! Yahoo!!!


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