Wednesday, December 19, 2012


It's Christmas Break people! I'm so excited :) We kicked it off this morning with a family trip to the zoo. 
We were literally the only people there for a while haha We opened the place up so that we could get back right at Easton's nap time. 
checking out the animals...
stealing kisses on the train ride 
my sweet baby
my boys ♥ 

Easton was running back and forth becuase the baby lion was running up and down with him. It was so cute. 
The giraffes are my favorite part
Easton held the cup with me to help feed them :)
So blessed ♥ 
Daddy's favorite part, the aviary 

And luckily this is a rare sight for us, but this is what an Easton Wade tantrum face looks like :)
After nap time we got Easton an overnight bag packed and he is having a sleepover with pop and nanny. Drake and I went shopping ALL evening. We got a ton of stuff, ate dinner, and are about to watch a movie in bed, and then SLEEP IN tomorrow. Woo hoo! 

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