Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lots of awesomeness!

It's been an awesome few days around here! The sun decided to make an appearance after being gone for at least a week straight. We took Easton up to the soccer fields a few times...he LOVES it! I know I'm his mom and whatever he does is awesome to me, but I'm pretty convinced he has some amazing soccer skills for only being 16 months old! 
I got a new car. I decided to trade my SUV in and I could not be happier! So pretty :)

I've had too much at the gym with Sydney :)
Drake and I got dressed up and had a great date night ♥ 
 We went and watched Kylie at her horse riding lesson.

baby bump!

my love ♥ 

And finally this evening we went to the beach. :)
 Another day off tomorrow! Have a great day xoxo

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