Saturday, January 26, 2013


It's been a great couple of days. Last week my dad retired! I am so proud of him and so thankful that he can enjoy some time to do whatever he wants now. He put in a lot of years at a job he hated to sacrifice for our family while I was growing up. He always used any leave he had saved up to take off and watch me and my brother compete in our sports or anything that was important to us. It was never about him. Now hopefully he will have some time for him that he deserves so much. If you know my dad this is not surprising, but he did not tell anyone at work he was retiring. He said he didn't want some fakey retirement thing where they buy a cake haha So one day he was there and the next he was gone. He left his co-workers one last note...


For those of you who saw The SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, I essentially did a Andy Dufresne. Yes I've escaped from Shawshank... er I mean the Jordan Street Post Office.
Like Andy, I'm on the beach getting my boat ready (although I don't have a boat or can't afford to live on the beach); metaphorically I'm already there.
Will I have enough money?...No one ever has enough money; but I plan to be happy!

I won't miss for a minute going in that building although I'll miss the friends I've made, the handshakes, fist bumps and wassups. I still lack some quarters to get S.S., so at some point I'll probably work part-time somewhere to get those.

I hope for the rest of you that the Titanic stays afloat long enough for y'all to get off.

God Bless & Roll Tide!

P.S. If you see me selling News Journals on the side of the 'bout helping a brother out.


Now Easton gets to spend his time with Nanny AND Pop while Drake and I are at work. Yesterday I was sent some cute pictures and I couldn't wait to get off and start the weekend!
He's so spoiled :)
This week I also went to dinner and the nail salon with Sydney and Allison. Sweet girls!
I also meet up with Sydney and Kali every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night once Easton is getting to bed for workouts. I'm enjoying having them to workout with on a set schedule. 
We have fun :)
 Today was a great Saturday family day. Still SO thankful that Drake has every weekend off! We did our gymboree class this morning, came home for nap, and then it was out to the beach yet again. Easton is beyond obsessed with kicking a ball wherever we go. 

 beach soccer with dad
and of course stopping to point out the birds

 going to check out the water
 So thankful for our life ♥ 

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  1. Congrats to your dad for his retirement! And can I just say that you and your friends have the BEST teeth in the world?! :)


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