Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The beginning and the end

 Well, today was Drake's first day at his new job! He texted this morning and asked if we could stop by so he could show us his new setup...another benefit of this job, it is 5 minutes away. He is the new sales rep for the landscaping company and had already landed a couple deals just a couple hours in. :) Drake is awesome at whatever he does.
 Today is also my last day of Christmas break. After we left Drake we headed to the mall and I went to get more info on Gymboree. Easton's age group was about to start a class so they said we could do a trial class if we wanted. um yes! He loved it!
He was climbing all over the place, running, kicking, throwing and just exploring all over. We signed up for the summer when I will be off and we can go to classes and open gym during the week together. It will be fun. :)
Well, Easton's down for his nap and I am about to enjoy roly poly and take a breather before round 2 starts. xoxo

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  1. How fun!! We do gymboree every Saturday and my daughter loves it. It will be great to have something indoors to do this summer too.


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