Sunday, January 13, 2013

woo hoo weekends!

 It's been a while since I wrote, we have been good. Just staying busy with the norm and we are also slowly re-doing our kitchen. We are doing it on our own so we will just do some work when Easton is sleeping. Friday night I went to the gym with Sydney. We had fun...
Saturday we went to Gymboree in the morning. Yea...I said I was going to do the summer there but after showing the schedule to Drake, we are able to go on the weekend all together and my mom can take him during the week if she would like, so we went ahead and signed up. After coming home and napping,  Easton had a date with Elle :) They were interacting a lot more this time and it was so cute. It was a fun day, Easton got a ton of playtime in. 
This morning we went up to play soccer at the fields with Easton, went grocery shopping, did some cleaning and got some things accomplished before nap time. Such a sweet boy ♥ 
Once he woke up we headed to the beach for the evening. 
Easton really enjoys the sand and heads straight to the water and would probably dive in head first if we let him. This summer will be so fun. Last summer he still wanted to eat the sand and shells. haha

He LOVES birds. Of course I have to take food to throw so they will come around us and Easton can chase them off, even though sometimes they creep me out. :)
Easton enjoyed watching the surfers today too. Hopefully Pop will take him out and teach him one day :) 
So sweet of my boys ♥ 
Have a great week! xoxo


  1. How do you pick which photos to print of your gorgeous family?? If I had the talent you have, and had all these wonderful shots, my walls would be covered top to bottom. The one of Easton sleeping makes him look so big!

    1. Well I hate to say it, but I hardly ever print anything and my walls have only a couple pictures haha I think I have too many pictures and it overwhelms me to think about printing and framing. For now they are all on my blog and on the computer...I think you have inspired a summer project for me :)


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