Saturday, February 23, 2013


Happy Saturday! It's a rainy weekend here, so a perfect chance to do some fun things inside. We went to Gymboree this morning and after Easton wakes up from his nap we plan to take him bowling :) Here are a few pictures of his favorite things to do while we are there...of course throwing 
building blocks and knocking them down
playing some catch with dad :)
Checking himself out. Who can blame him wanting to look at such a handsome reflection?!

climbing up...
sliding down...
Then it's time for singing. Here we are doing the "freeze" game...
Oh. my. gosh. It doesn't get any cuter ♥ 
Then the finale...parachute time! I got his face as he realizes they are getting the parachute out...
haha He loves it. He will lean so much trying to touch the parachute that he falls backwards, gets up, laughs, repeat. :) 
LOVE the weekends! 

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  1. Oh my gosh...too much cuteness! I love that he is such a boy...building things up and then knocking them down. :)
    And I don't know what color my little man's hair will grow back as? I'm guessing brown since both daddy and I are brown haired...but we'll see!
    xo - Marion


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