Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Whew...I feel like I have been running around crazy lately. Lots going on this week, but I am forcing myself to plop down for a second and update the blog before I go to bed. So...just to update our days, last Saturday after Gymboree we went by the bowling alley, but apparently on a rainy Saturday 20,000 other people had the same idea, so we headed into town with my parents instead. 
We hung out at Barnes and Noble...look how cute Easton's pop and nanny are :) We also stopped by Sports Authority, Target (got Easton a basketball goal), and just got out of the house for a bit. 
 Sunday the sun was back out :) (Our weather cannot make up it's mind lately.) We took Easton out to the soccer fields and let him run around. I'm pretty confident that he would stay out there until dark if we let him.

We had a good weekend overall! Monday was back to the grind...I have a few deadlines at work this week for my TV kids turning in contest pieces and a million other things to do that make me feel like I have 20 to-do lists on sticky notes around my desk. But it's all worth it, because right in the midst of this crazy week, I open an email from our principal that had this in it...
Pretty cool. :) after work Monday we headed back to the bowling alley and it was dead. ha Easton bowled his first game ever and loved it. Once he realized what we were doing, he would run up, put both hands on the ramp, push his ball, watch it and run back to the machine and watch the hole very seriously until his ball popped back out and we would start all over again. 
It is very bittersweet the older he gets, but it is so much fun to watch him do more and more everyday. Finally, you know this Saturday is my brother's wedding, so today is slowly starting the wedding craziness. My uncle and his family came in from Denver for the week and Easton got some play time with his cousins :)
Tomorrow Kylie gets in, Friday is rehearsal and dinner, and then the big day. It doesn't look like time will slow down anytime soon for us, but we are having a ton of fun. xoxo 


  1. I can't get over all the cute soccer pictures of him. And how fun that he got into bowling like that! We'd love to take Chloe. Congrats on the nomination, that's a great accomplishment, and I can't believe your brother's wedding is here already! Have a great time with the festivities!

  2. Easton is growing up so quickly, I love all the pictures of him! I keep saying this, but I am jealous that you don't have snow. I HATE snow and unfortunately we've had to stay indoors a lot lately. I can't wait until Spring when Aiden and I can play outside more!


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