Sunday, February 3, 2013


How in the world is it already February?! Things are smooth sailing with us. Busy all week and having fun with our weekends. This past week was mainly filled with work, hanging with my boys, a much needed haircut, grocery shopping, and trips to the gym.
(He has the looks AND the brains)

Once the weekend was here we headed to our Saturday morning Gymboree class. I love watching Easton have so much fun. He has gotten more and more comfortable every class. He loves parachute time! :)
Last night we got a babysitter and headed out to the beach for Ronnie's birthday. We had dinner at Sidelines and then went to the Sand shaker to hang out and listen to music. 
The weather lately has been so wonderful! We have been outside as much as possible. This morning we went to the hiking trail near our house and then played soccer before Easton's nap. He liked looking at the turtles and fish. 
And finally to wrap up the weekend, we went to my parent's house to play and watch the Super Bowl. 
While we were outside, my dad went to do some work with the chainsaw and it kept shutting off. He didn't get any work done, but we all enjoyed a good laugh. :) Love this boy!! 

Have a great week!! xoxo


  1. That laugh is the best!! Great way to end my night!

  2. I can't believe how big he is getting!!! He is adorable and LOVE the laugh!


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