Friday, March 22, 2013

Fun Fun

Happy Friday everyone! I can't believe Spring Break is already getting to it's end. :( I've enjoyed my time off with Easton that's for sure. Yesterday we went to visit my grandma and then went downtown for a bit. We played and then went to the Children's Museum they have there. 

 He was the only kid in the museum since we were up and at 'em so early :) A lot of the stuff was geared more towards older kids but he enjoyed checking everything out. He always plays with fake food when we have been places that have it, so I will have to make sure the Easter bunny knows to bring him some in his basket this year. :) He was very focused balancing the oranges on the boat...
 He lined them all up
And then would knock them all overboard haha 

It's been a good week, now time for a good weekend! xoxo

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