Friday, March 29, 2013

Play date

I was off of work today for Good Friday, so we planned a play date with Summer and Elle. This might be a repeat, I can't keep track...but Summer's mom and my dad grew up together and then me and Summer grew up playing soccer together and played college soccer together at UCF. Now we both live here and our babies are just months apart :) We live about 40 minutes away from one another, but I am so thankful that our babies are just months apart and we are able to get together a good bit and let them play. Summer discovered this random hidden park that is right in the middle so each of us only has to drive 20 minutes to meet up. We were the only ones there today, it was awesome! 
 It was beautiful weather and we had fun! Drake came once he was off and we all hung out and Easton and Elle were cute as can be together. Here is Elle telling Easton about the slide :)

 They played hide and seek and it was so cute!

 Two beautiful babies! ♥ 

The next week is about to be shweet! Birthday fun, Easter, spa time, Anniversary celebration...AHHHH!  ♥ Life is good xoxo

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