Monday, March 18, 2013

sick and spring break

Well it's Spring Break! woo hoo..oh wait. My baby is sick :( I think Easton has been up and down sick for almost a month now. He got better for about a week in there but it came back, and during that week he was teething, SO mom and dad are tired! He had to do breathing treatments and he has been throwing up...but last night no throw up and still congested today but I am hoping we are on the tail end of this thing going around our house. 
 I spent last night washing sheets, curtains, and spraying Lysol on everything. All 3 of us are sick right now. Saturday I shot another wedding and I came home to this :) 
 Besides being sick, I have been busy shooting again. My friend Becca from high school asked me to be her photographer for her wedding that was Saturday and everything turned our beautiful! She is gorgeous!

Lots of work and editing coming up, but nice extra money since my birthday and our anniversary are right around the corner! :) March and April are always fun months for us. Now if we could get better so we can run around and enjoy this Spring Break! xoxo


  1. Your photography has come so far - just GORGEOUS pics of your friend!! Super impressed.

    Sick babies are no fun. :( We are battling that in our house right now as well.

    I just came across the OPK stick you sent me after your BFP while we were still TTC for Stella - any chance you need that back?

  2. That sucks, sorry to hear that you are all sick. Just what you wanted to spoil your spring break. Those pictures are absolutely stunning!! Wow!!

  3. You are an amazing photographer! WOW! Poor, Easton, being sick for so long is just miserable. I'm sure you are all exhausted and looking forward to feeling better soon!


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