Monday, May 20, 2013

Can't sit still

Hey guys! It's been a busy but fun few days. At the end of last week I got to see The Great Gatsby. LOVED it. It was a great movie...and a random weekday movie is always an enjoyable relaxing evening. 
Friday we went to Gallery Night downtown. It's such a fun time. Walking around while the streets are blocked off, listening to music, eating, drinking, and going into stores. It was a fun date night with my love. ♥ 
 Saturday I went and got my hair done and then we went to Kaylee's pool party for the afternoon. Finally, Sunday I had a shoot in the morning and then we went to my parent's house and played at the pool and went for a bike ride. I am in love with Easton's new bike seat. (I think he is too :)) He just rides along in front of me and looks around at everything. I have a feeling we will be cruising the streets a lot this summer. 
 A couple weeks of work left! Today was an awesome Monday...I had my TV Production class and then my special needs students were invited to a marine science station at the beach. So we went and learned a few things and then got to fish off the pier. I caught 2 fish. Sweet! Have a good week! xoxo


  1. SOunds like another perfect weekend! Can I ask what the name of that bike seat is? Looks super fun!


      It's from Wal-Mart. We are loving it!

  2. What an awesome seat! I am totally going to buy this for Aiden and I this summer!


Thanks for commenting :) You are awesome!