Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day weekend

You know what's awesome?! 3 day weekends, beautiful weather, celebrations, family and friends...but when you put them all together and cram them into one weekend you come away feeling so thankful and refreshed.   There were several times this weekend that I just took a look around and thanked God for my life. It couldn't be any better! Thursday Drake's mom and Jeff got in town and Drake had no idea they were coming. (All part of his surprise birthday weekend) He was so excited to have them in town. Friday after work we headed out to the beach and had dinner with them and hung out until Easton's bedtime.  
(PS this is Easton's new thing. He is hitting a shy phase around other people and he will close his eyes like you can't see him if he does it. So funny)
 Saturday we were back to the beach that morning. The weather was perfect all weekend! Sunny put a nice breeze. 
 Easton played at the beach for a while
 showing his muscles with Jeff
 Then we went up to the pool :)
 Had some brunch...
 And headed home for nap time. Of course Easton didn't make it 10 minutes before he was passed out. 
After nap time we got ready for "dinner with Drake's mom and Jeff" I have been planning a surprise party for his 30th birthday for a couple months and can't believe no one spilled the beans. 
It was a muscle theme :) I had a party planner so she took pictures throughout the night, so I will post those pictures when she emails them to me. 
Every detail was perfect :) The menus, old pictures, I had 30 balloons with notes from friends and family that were not at the party...including old high school and college buddies, and we played some games related to the theme. Here we are all holding a weight straight in front of us and whoever held it the longest got a free drink. Slowly people start dropping and it ends up coming down to Drake and my dad. They went forever and were talking trash across the table until my dad finally dropped his. It was so funny...they were playing for much more than a free drink. haha
Kylie also came in town for the long weekend! My sweet girl ♥ 

Sunday...yep back to the beach and pool haha This time we went prepared for nap time and Easton just slept on a beach chair under an umbrella, so we ended up staying about 4 hours.

Then we headed home to shower before getting family pictures. 
This weekend was the first time with all 3 of my parent's grandkids together, so I wanted to get some group pictures as well. It was nice, I can't wait to get the CD with all of them...another thing I will post more pictures of later :)
Finally today we went and hung out with "the gang" They had shrimp, hot dogs, chips, cookies...the kids played in the water and Easton was in the swing until he literally almost fell asleep. :) 
I am SO ready for summer and it is ridiculous that I still have a couple weeks of work, but least I get a summer! :) After a weekend like this it makes it a little harder to roll out of bed tomorrow morning. 4 day work week...I got this! xoxo

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