Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day. I know today is a very hard day for a lot of women out there. I remember the sadness I would feel on this day when we were having trouble getting pregnant. I also think about the women who have lost their mothers and I can't even imagine. I pray that you all find strength today. 

 This morning Easton went to the nursery in church for the first time. Nightmare. The lady took him and he was unsure but was quickly distracted and didn't cry so I thought he would hopefully be ok and enjoy himself. Well, after church I am like George Costanza making his way out of a burning building trying to pick him up. :) We walk in and see that he is being rocked and read to by a little old lady. I saw that his paci was in...I knew that meant he had been crying. Crap. We got his attention and he saw us and instantly reached out his arms and started balling. I know we need to continue it so he can get used to it, but easier said than done. That sucked. 

After the chaos of the morning we came back and Easton went down for his nap. While he did, I decided to lay out for a bit. It was nice :) 
Once he woke up we decided to go up to UWF and run some sprints. Drake wants to do it every weekend now. haha We got a good workout and Easton was cracking up as we were sprinting back and forth chasing us like we were playing a game. He chugged his sippy cup when we were done. 

Once we got back and showered, we finished off the day at my parent's house. So blessed to be this boy's momma. ♥ 
My mom :)
 My brother, Rose and Georgia
 Mom-moms, Mom and Georgia
 Easton showing Pop what's up in basketball. Oh this boy and his sports :)

 Drake, Easton, Pop and Brother...all my favorite boys! 
Ready for another work week (NOT!) But the countdown has begun! 19 more days with my other kiddos and then it's on to summer break! woo hoo!

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  1. Sounds perfect! I love how active your family is and how it's already spilling over into Easton. Normally I'd say I'm jealous of your countdown to summer, but this time I'll be off too, so I'm not 'as' jealous. Trip to KC calling your name yet? :)


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