Saturday, May 11, 2013

Party Hardy

Happy Saturday! This morning we worked on our house renovations some more, today we started back splash. I will post pictures eventually of some before and after shots once we are all done. Slowly but surely coming along. :) After Easton's nap it was time to party! First we went to Elle's pool party.
 Elle with her bowl of ice :)
 Happy 2nd birthday!
 Easton spent most of his time on the miniature soccer field. Where's the foul?! :)
 He LOVED the soccer themed surprise here. 
 He ran around kicking the soccer balls and played with the big kids.

 Then we went straight to Dean's 2nd birthday party. Easton played bubbles and loved running in circles on the trampoline. 

It was a fun day...Easton will sleep good tonight. xoxo

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