Thursday, May 2, 2013

What we've been up to...

 Last Wed-Sat I was in Orlando with some of my TV Production students. It was our school's first time to be at state so I was very excited to take them. We went to the Ripley's museum and Islands of Adventure while we were there before the competitions started. There were over 1,200 Journalism students there and I was so excited that my kids placed 2nd in the state for cinema editing and 3rd in a collaborative commercial they did! 
 Once we got back Saturday afternoon Danielle called and said that the gang was going out for Jenn's birthday. Even though I was tired, I couldn't pass up a night out with our best friends! We had a really fun night out at the beach. Listened to music, played volleyball, and enjoyed hanging out. 
 Since then we have been on the go during our evening time together after work. We took Easton to Chuck-E-Cheese, 
 We went to my brother's and hung out with them, Drake played softball and Easton hung out with his ballpark buddies,
We went to the pier tonight and chased birds and rode around on a bicycle taxi downtown just enjoying the evening. It's been a good week. Happy Friday Eve! :)

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  1. You sure live a good life lady! And by the way, I haven't announced this on my blog yet, but little dude's name is Drake. :)


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