Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer lovin

I love my summer breaks with Easton. We have been non-stop and I am exhausted...but happy :) We continue to go on bike rides a few times a day haha but we have also been swimming at the pool 
and tonight we went back to the Wednesday night concerts they are having. It was pretty much deja vu from last week. Easton running back and forth up the hill, stopping for juice, dancing, and back to running. 
 Playing with Pop

 Jack Sparrow was there tonight...he got a high five

 He did manage to squeeze in some flirting this week :)

 dancing with nanny
 Sweaty and done for the night. 
 Happy Hump Day! xoxo


  1. Aiden loves his puddle jumper for swimming too! Easton looks like he's really enjoying his summer so far.

  2. I am loving his blonde, spiky hair! Sounds like you are having another great summer with your boy!


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