Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Home Stretch

Tomorrow is my last day of work until I am officially on summer break for this year. So excited! I will be very busy and on the go with my little buddy as much as possible, making as many memories as we can pack into 2 months together. This week has been fun of my students gave me a gift card to Target as an end of the year gift so of course I went and bought Easton some things. :) He got a bubble blower for bath time and loves it. ♥

We had a stormy day last Sunday and were cooped up inside all day...but we made forts out of boxes, played hide and seek and took naps, don't you worry :) 
The evenings this week we have been out and about. Easton will go to my bike anytime we walk through the garage and point to his seat. The other night I went for a run so Drake was forced to ride my bike while I ran haha

Last night we went over to the Otts house. It's awesome that all of my best friends are teachers as well so we get to hang out during the summer break and do beach and pool days with all the kids. 
Today was a brutal day of post-planning meetings...I could never be a 9-5 worker again. My mind was at the beach already. Days drag without my kids at school. 
Finally, tonight we went to new summer concert series they added in town. They have summer concerts on Tuesdays at the beach, now Wednesdays at maritime park and Thursdays downtown. This one is held at an open field so I thought we would try it out. It was awesome! Not very crowded so Easton could run around and on the water so a nice breeze. 
 He loves running! Check out those cute little calf muscles ♥ 
 He was VERY interested in Mickey from a distance, 
 but wanted nothing to do with him up close. haha
 Taking a quick break with nanny and pop
 High five for dad while running. Pop says he is practicing giving the 3rd base coach a high five after a home run. 
Here's a quick clip of Easton's sweet dance moves :) Love this kid! 

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