Friday, June 28, 2013

What did we do??

What did we do before Easton? Haha I know people always say you forget your life before your kids once you have them. Easton is down for his nap right now and I went to start posting this blog and found myself reminiscing what I did last summer with Easton and then just kept going and it was weird to look at 2 summers back before he was here. Boring! :) 

I have had another great week with my buddy going all over the place. I refuse to just sit at the house when I could take him out and about and let him run around and do fun things. (Although I am consuming energy drinks like a crazy lady) We went bowling this week and it is just so cool to watch Easton enjoy himself and take things in around him. He means business when it comes to the bowling alley. He pushes his ball down the ramp, watches the pins go down and then marches straight to the machine to watch his ball pop out and then points to tell us that we need to get his ball on the ramp for him again. He bowled a 63 and a 70 this time. 
As we are going all over town, we do spend a good bit of time in the car. Luckily Easton thinks I am hilarious and laughs at my jokes on the way to our next stop :) 
We also went to Chuck-E-Cheese (twice) And although it can be a crazy place that you may want to avoid at all costs, when you go at 9 AM and have the whole place to yourself, it's awesome! Easton loved the little machine that made fake ID badges and was cracking me up. His face would come on the screen and he would just look at himself and smile. After he got the badge he would keep pressing the button to start it again and pointing and babbling to can you not keep feeding the machine tokens when it makes him this happy?! :)
He's also a big fan of skee-ball...although he's still working on getting the ball all the way up. :) 
Finally, yesterday we went to the zoo. I was anxious to see how he reacted to the animals since it has been about 6 months since we went. He was into following the animals around and checking them out. 
 Cracking up at them running away from him haha

 sweet boy! 

 He loves birds so I was excited to go to the aviary. I gave him the food stick and we went in...
 He dropped it as soon as too many birds started to attack :)

 Squatting to check them out. 

 Then he walked around trying to catch them 

 Thankful for another good week! xoxo


  1. Such fun! I bet Chloe would like to bowl. We might have to try that soon.

  2. So adorable! You guys are going to have such a fun summer together!


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