Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another week gone

As we made one of our trips to Target for the week to pick up Easton's strawberries and milk that he goes through like crazy...I turn the corner with my buggy and my baby eating his free popcorn (best thing ever Target...allows me ample time to shop while he eats his treat) to see the worst thing ever...the back to school gear is already out. Noooooo! Ugh 

I had another awesome week with Easton. Last week we spent one of our mornings at the Navy Base. First we stopped by my grandpa's grave. ♥
 Then we headed up the road to the museum. 
 The little old man at the front door left and came back with a sticker for Easton :)
 Pointing out the airplanes

 Taking it all in 
 After the museum we made one more stop at the fort on base...
 Easton liked playing hide and seek and was fearless heading down the dark halls

 Saturday we went to Jonah's 3rd birthday party. Vivian and Easton getting a quick pic :)
 Sunday was our 2nd attempt with Easton at church. We went to a different church that we liked but another rough day for him. We just have to keep going and hopefully it will get better. He cried off and on the whole time. After nap time we went out to the pier and ran around and flew a kite ♥ 

 This week we have been to Gymboree and today we had a play date with James and Elle :) Love meeting up with my college buddies and catching up. 
Happy Tuesday xoxo

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